February 2020 Favourite Human – Anita Burge

I’ve been Cross fitting for the 3 years. I signed up once I retired after convincing from my daughter and haven’t looked back.  

Since starting CrossFit, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, thinner, more flexible, have less problems with my back, have more energy and really enjoy exercise. (amazing for me)

 My favourite. part of CrossFit is probably the weightlifting, my least favourite are burpees!

 I’d much rather Squat than do a Burpee. Don’t mind a run. I really like the Rower too. Those bikes are evil.

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t do before I started CrossFit is I can now hold my weight when hanging from the bar, can run further than I have ever been able to and can now lift weights. The other day I did a Banded Pull up- that was exciting!!! 

My favourite cheat meals are chippies and cheese and biccies. Maybe a beer or two also!

Outside of the gym, I love a good beer and a chat. Never one to shut down a good social gathering!

I have to say I’ve never drank coffee, however I love a cup or 2 of tea.

Life wouldn’t be good without bacon! Bacon is a must for brekkie after a night out on the bevvies.

 Best thing about Human Fitness is being able to work at my own level, but still fit in with all the experts.

My best party trick is being able to touch my nose with my tongue. It’s something everyone should aspire to…… Comes in handy.

 My favourite place to travel is anywhere I haven’t been before. 

The three things I couldn’t live without my Kindle, Smiths chips and a Super Dry.

In 5 years time I reckon I’ll still be trying to do a toes to bar.

 My goal is still be doing cross Fit when I’m 70. How will Corey cope with that?????? Maybe by then I will be doing a Handstand too. What a sight that would be.

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