Fitness for Children with a Jump Rope

Introducing your children to a workout routine could have the potential to fail if the children lose interest or you don’t make it fun. Why not try a jump rope and get them to try some fantastic exciting workouts.
Let’s show you how that works…

Workout sessions at the gym are not everybody’s cup of tea. The situation is even more off-putting for kids. Children enjoy something basic in nature. This is the reason why you probably find it challenging to get them to do any workouts. These days, kids are being sucked into video games and smartphones, so it can be tough to exercise. But if only you could get a weighted jump rope for them, you could interest them to workout.

The jump rope seems too dull for a workout tool. But for kids, it can be one of the most exciting pieces of workout equipment. They could do so many exercises with that rope. How many activities can you train your child to do in a workout? Here are some of the best workout exercises.

Seven Good Workout Routines for Kids

  • The Group Jump

This is the most familiar and most interesting workout for kids. Even when they are doing it, they don’t realise they are exercising. And it’s a straightforward one! It only requires at least three or more kids. Two of them are supposed to hold the rope at its ends and swing it in an anticlockwise direction. The other children are then to jump in and skip the rope. Whoever fails to make the jump will switch with the one swinging the rope. To spice it up, they can even sing some songs along for the rhythm. The group jump should be an essential workout routine for kids.

  • The Double Dutch

The Double Dutch is not a standard workout, but it’s one of the few complex workout ideas for kids. It requires three or more children as well, and two ropes. Two kids will hold the two ropes, each rope on either hand. And just like in the group jump workout session, they swing the ropes in opposite directions. So, if the jump rope on the right is swung anticlockwise, the left should be swung clockwise. The other kids are then supposed to jump in and skip both ropes. This game is uncommon because it requires better coordination skills, which may not be well developed in kids. But it can prove to be a great upper body workout for kids if they can try it out.

  • The Regular Single Jump

This is one of the most common of all jump rope exercises. When doing the regular single jump, all you need is you and the rope. Then you swing it over your head, and as it comes down, jump and let it go under your feet. For a better work out session, try that as a 7 minute workout for kids. The best way to do it is to do a minute with the rope swinging from behind over your head, then try some abs workout for kids for about 10 seconds and repeat the rope jump. This workout gets tough for anyone!

  • Broad Jumping Workout for Kids

Broad jumping is very beneficial as a basketball workout for kids since it builds up their athletic ability. It is usually more of an outdoor exercise and is more fun if two or more kids are involved. All they need is a rope and then lay it on the ground. The workout is started with the jumper standing at one end of the rope, both feet together. They then have to jump over the rope and land with both feet at once. The other kid then takes the turn, and they compete to see who jumps furthest.

  • Skiing

The move gets its name from the skiing exercise. The cord is laid on the ground, the child has to stand beside it, with the legs bent slightly at the knees. They then have to jump over the rope along its length, keeping their legs together. This exercise goes very well with a yoga workout for kids. Just like broad jumping, it works effectively for athletic kids who could be interested in basketball.

  • Swinging Rope

This is another workout exercise that requires two kids. One of the children has to fold the rope into half and hold both ends. The kid then squats and swings the rope above their head. The other kid then has to jump over the swinging rope. The swinging rope is a good workout idea for kids as they want to build some muscle.

  • The Snake Jump

This is another exciting kids’ workout game. The rope is placed on the ground, and one of the children makes it move in an ‘S’ pattern. The other kid has to jump over the rope and avoid touching it as it wiggles on the ground. Roles are switched if the jumper touches the rope.

children jump rope

Many parents seem to be struggling, looking for ways to get their children more physically active. The assumption that there are no good workout routines for kids is wrong and misleading. One can have so much fun as a kid exercising using a jump rope. The workout routines that kids can use with a rope are more befitting to their abilities than going to the gym. The workout sessions are more fun, much more bonding, and physically exhilarating. So go to the shops, get workout clothes for kids, bring them a jumping rope, and let the rest take care of itself.

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