How To Get Started When You Have Never Exercised Before

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else… it’s about being better than you used to be.”

Who would have thought a Kardashian would have something memorable to offer beyond makeup tips? But these words from Khloe K can help kickstart the right mentality.

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The amazing thing about starting a fitness regime is that yes, you can (and will) get that little bit better, every time you work out.

Look, we get it. Sometimes the hardest part can be simply crossing the threshold of a gym. You don’t know what to expect, you hate the idea of being in pain and you are worried you’ll be intimidated by god-like creatures who are a hundred miles ahead of you.

Here’s how to get started when you have never exercised before:The truth is, there is nothing but your own self stopping you from making incredible changes.

Start with these new thoughts “I wonder if I can…” and “I would like to try…”. Fill in the blanks, even if that first goal is finishing a single work out.If you have never exercised before, you need to understand that it’s ok to go slow and steady. You’re not going to be able to keep up with people who have been training for years right away. And, hey, but you don’t have to! Instead we encourage you to go at your own pace and let us teach you the right way to move to maximise results and minimize the risk of any injuries along the way. This may mean starting with a dowle instead of weights — and that is totally fine!

An experienced trainer will know how far you should push yourself so you can see results but not hurt yourself. They’ll also show you how to cool down at the end of a workout so you can minimise your soreness the next day.

As the saying goes, “A journey of 100 miles begins with a single step”. You don’t have to achieve great things in your first workout. It is far better to set small goals to work towards.The body is a complex machine and must be treated with care. Your Plus HFP Coach will show you in detail how to move efficiently and safely so you gain the benefits without hurting yourself.

Your Plus HFP Coaches role is also to push you to achieve that little bit more. When they set you a challenge it’s because they think you are ready, so take one of those deep breaths and see what you’re really capable of.Nobody starts out looking great. Even Mr Universe was a total gym-novice in the beginning of his career.

It is consistency that pays off. If you speak to anyone who has a great physique, they’ll tell you they started from scratch and just kept going.

You’ll have great workouts which leave you feeling on top of the world and not-so-great ones which make you feel tired and sore but either way, you’ll be making progress and taking those steps towards being the “best possible version of yourself you can be.”

See you in the gym!  

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