Human Fitness 24/ 7- TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. I fully understand and accept that if I provide access to the gym for a non-Student or a Student who has lost or damaged their Personal Access Card (PAC) or does not have 24hr access privileges that I will have my membership immediately cancelled and I will be charged a $250 penalty which will be automatically debited from my bank account or credit card. I understand that this policy is applicable regardless of whether the person I provide access to exercises or not.


2. I fully understand and accept that if I intentionally activate a Duress Button with no reason or for a reason that is deemed not appropriate by Human Fitness, that I will be charged a $400 penalty which will be automatically debited from my bank account or credit card. Human Fitness will only use this money to recover the costs associated with false activation of a Duress Button. If there is any additional money remaining after all costs have been recovered, these will be donated to a registered charity of the owner’s nomination.


3. I am fully aware that Human Fitness is equipped with Video Surveillance technology which is constantly recording for the security of the gym and that the Video Surveillance can be remotely viewed at any time by the gym operator and/or security provider. Upon request will be handed over to any legal parties.

I agree and recognise that I have been provided with this students Information document. I fully understand and agree to abide by all of the terms, conditions, policies and instructions contained within this document

I acknowledge that I am aware of the inherent risks of injury or ill health resulting from the use of the services and from participation in exercise generally. In consideration of participation in activities within Human Fitness. I agree to participate in all activities at my own risk and responsibility whether supervised or not by staff. I agree to release and hold harmless the Owner and coaches at Human Fitness, and any associated parties from and against all actions, which may be brought about by me or on behalf of me in respect of any incident arising out of injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property in any way what-so-ever.


6. I will follow the Rules set out by Human Fitness in terms of gym cleaning/ pack up and will forfeit my membership if this is not followed appropriately (according to the judgement of the coaching staff of Human Fitness).

7. For safety and insurance reasons children will not be allowed access to the gym in “open“ session hours (that is: a coach must be in attendance whilst children are inside the gym)
8. Computer/ TV & Screen must not be turned on or used.
9. The roller door is to remain locked and closed at all times.
10. For safety and insurance reasons the climbing Ropes and Peg Boards are off-limits during ‘open’ access times.


11. All fob keys are a non-refundable cost of $59.95
       A. ONLY I may use my fob and cannot share it with other students.
       B. If a key is lost or stolen I will notify Human Fitness immediately

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