January 2020 Favourite Human – Ashley McEvoy-Folland

Our Humans say it best…

I have been doing CrossFit now for a bit more than a year and a half.

The biggest change within myself that I have noticed since starting CrossFit is my mind is so much stronger.

My favourite CrossFit movement of choice would have to be squat cleans for sure and my least favourite.. That’s easy.. Snatches!

Out of all the movements I would take Squats over burpees any day! And definately running over rowing and bike.

It has been so cool to see my skill grow.. One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is Lift heaps any type of weights.

Favourite cheat meal? That’s easy.. Pizza! 

One thing that I love to do outside of the gym is play my Netball

I don’t drink coffee so life would be easy.

Life without bacon would also be easy. I don’t eat it… haha wow I sound really boring!

The thing I enjoy the most about Human is the positive and supportive community.

 My best party trick is doing the splits or something flexible. 

My Favourite place to travel Is Hamilton Island or anywhere with my family. 

3 things I couldn’t live without is my Family, Exercise and New Adventures.

In the next 5 I see myself still doing CrossFit, playing netball and at University.

Moving forward my goals are to get fitter and stronger, advance in Netball and Become a more mature person!

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