January 2022 Favourite Human – Cam Clarke

I have been CrossFitting now for about one year

The biggest change within myself I have noticed since starting CrossFit is my mindset …body change …every Monday I expect to feel the pain

My CrossFit movement of choice would be deadlifts and I’m starting to like snatches. My least favourite  is cleans
Out of Burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike? I prefer squats and bike and ski in my own time

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit would be hanging knee raises …Kip swing…snatches and front squats

My favourite cheat meal is the Zinger stacker

One thing that I  love to do outside of the gym is play darts

I could definitely live life without coffee. Coffee is not a priority for me ….the only Time I would drink coffee is if I’m at someone’s house and They offered me a cup …I will not make it myself

Life without Bacon…I would cry

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the kindness of everyone ….coaches and people who train with My best party trick used to be a cartwheel backflip but too many footy injuries put a stop to it

Favourite place to travel is the Northern Territory

3 things you couldn’t live without is my son, a good steak and my dog 
In 5 years I see myself doing muscle-ups for fun …..inspiring people from my small hometown to get into fitness

Moving forward, my goals are to lift my body and keep grinding
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