I started CrossFit just before the 2015 Games because I remember everyone talking about the top athletes who were competing and I had absolutely no idea who any of them were. So roughly around a year I would say. What is the biggest change within yourself that you have noticed since starting CrossFit? Easy, I actually watch what I eat now and care about nutrition. I don’t follow a strict diet plan or anything but in a way I very loosely try and stick to the paleo principle. Handstand Pushups, I love Handstand Pushups. The one movement I didn’t completely suck at when I started learning CrossFit specific movements. To give me a pretty bad time, just give me Snatches and wall ball Burpees any day of the week, there’s nothing hard about laying down and then standing back up. When I first started Crossfit I hated the rower with a passion, the numbers on the screen never seemed to reflect the effort I was putting in but like anything you’ll get better and more efficient when you persist so know I’d much prefer to row rather then run. Muscle ups! I joined up and immediately wanted to get one. Took me a while but with the help of a few coaches and athletes at the box I started getting better and more efficient, now I can bang a few out before I start failing If you have one, what is your chosen post workout protein shake (brand/flavour)? Don’t really have a specific brand nor flavour protein that I prefer, but I’ve been told anything hydrolysed is the best option. So that’s what I aim for when buying. Cheat meal? It’s more like a cheat day or weekend. As a meal, probably Mexican. I won’t refuse chocolate if its offered. Out side of the gym I Love to Rock Climb. Over the last year I’ve gotten hooked on it, so I’ve been trying to fit that in as much as possible, besides that, surfing and wakeboarding when all the planets align with my mates. How do you take your coffee? Usually with my hands. Just a standard cappuccino with 1 sugar. Bacon? Bacon, yep. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat it. The thing you enjoy the most about CrossFit Plus is the cruisey culture. I enjoy the banter between athletes and coaches although it’s mainly always started by Marty Bowden

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