July 25, 2019 – Weightlifting

Warm Up

10:00 Not for Time of:
10x Russian Twists (each way) with kettlebell
5x Broad jumps
10x Slam Balls 20/14kg
3x Turkish Get Up (each way) 12/8kg
5x Single Arm Kbell Swings – each way
5x step up step down
5x goblet squats

at 10:00 – spend 5:00 work lifting positions

A. Thruster + Split Jerk

Thruster + Split Jerk
every 30sec for 5:00 min perform
1 thruster + split jerk @ 50% of Clean 1RM
Scoring: Not Scored

B. Clean Complex

Clean Complex
15:00 min to find a heavy Clean complex of:
1x hang clean
1x clean
1x push jerk
1x hang clean
1x clean
1x split jerk
Scoring: Not Scored

* Goal is whole set to be unbroken
* Squat all Cleans

C. More Thruster Stuff

More Thruster Stuff
Thruster ladder
E2MOM working with %'s of heavy complex final weight
1. 9x reps @ 70%
2. 7x reps @ 80%
3. 5x reps @ 90%
Scoring: Not Scored

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