June 2, 2019 – Functional Body Building


Heart Rate Sunday
800 mtr Run
10x Air Squats
10x Sit ups
10x Burpees over bar
10x Push Ups
10x Slam Balls 20/14
600 mtr Run
20x Air Squats
20x Sit ups
20x Burpees over bar
20x Push Ups
20x Slam Balls 20/14
400 mtr Run
30x Air Squats
30x Sit ups
30x Burpees over bar
30x Push Ups
30x Slam Balls 20/14
200 mtr Run
40x Air Squats
40x Sit ups
40x Burpees over bar
40x Push Ups
40x Slam Balls 20/14
100 mtr Run
50x Air Squats
50x Sit ups
50x Burpees over bar
50x Push Ups
50x Slam Balls 20/14
or in teams of 2 run together, double reps throughout and split all reps in sets of 5
Scoring: Not Scored

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