June 2016 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Kathryn Lewis

  • I joined the “Plus” family at the end of July 2015. I had a small taster of it while at uni in 2013 but didn’t stick with it.
  • Just enjoying being active. Also having a background in gymnastics many years ago it is rewarding to see some (well a small part) of my strength return and being aware of what it takes to have a healthy body again. Is the biggest changed i have noticed with in my self since starting CrossFit
  • Anything with a handstand. I would love more handstand walking in WODs! Thats my movement of chose.
  • If running counts, running would have to be my least favourite CrossFit Movement, otherwise thrusters, such a killer.
  • Burpees or Squats? Squats
  • Run or Row? Always rowing, can you tell I hate running!
  • One thing that you can now do that you couldn’t before you started CrossFit? Previous to CrossFit I hadn’t really done any weight lifting, so cleans and snatches were pretty new to me. I still can’t lift too heavy but am reasonably confident with the movement.
  • I don’t always have a protein shake after CrossFit but when I do it’s Clean Lean Protein, chocolate flavour.
  • Favourite cheat meal…. Anything sweet or pizza. I am yet to find my favourite flavour of chicken, brie and cranberry on a menu here?
  • When i am not in the gym I love being able to walk on the beach and its not to cold to swim, i love living on the Coast.
  •  Coffee… I don’t drink coffee but Bacon, definitely. Can’t go past bacon and eggs for brekkie.
  • CrossFit Plus? As it has been said before, CF+ is a great community of people. After moving from NZ and knowing no one, it was so nice stepping into the box, feeling welcome and everyone is super friendly. I always feel like I’ve had fun after most classes.
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