June 2019 Athlete Of The Month – Bonnie Alexander

I’ve been ‘CrossFitting’ since March 2018 

Since I started CrossFit, I’ve noticed a change in myself in more ways than one. My body has physically changed but my mentality has also changed. I am so much more confident within myself. 

My favourite CrossFit movement would probably be a split jerk, with my least favourite would most definitely being the overhead squats. 

Hmmm, Burpees or Squats? Definitely burpees. 

All about the Bike, and thanks to my new training regime…
Running, running and more running, I’m starting to enjoy running. Believe it or not 🙃 

Before CrossFit, I would never have dreamed of doing a muscle up. Still working on it but doing my first ever banded muscle up, the photo is proof of how stoked I was. Oh and I also got my first ever strict pull up

My favourite cheat meal is anything cheat. 

Outside of the gym, I love hanging out with Blake and Evie. 

How I take my coffee… So many variables to answer this question. What season is it? What time of the day is it? Am I working? Am I socialising? Not just a simple answer. 

Without bacon, I would continue living. 

The thing I love most about PLUS is it has introduced me to a whole new world of fitness. It’s shown and taught me so much about myself. Plus HFP has a unique ability to bring strangers together, and make them feel like family. 

 Best party trick. Showing up😉

Favourite place to travel? Anywhere by plane. 

Koalas, Evie and flower, are 3 things that I couldn’t live without.

In 5 years, I still see myself living my best life… 

Moving forward, my goals are to Free Handstand and Muscle up. 

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