June 2019 Athlete of the Month – Carla Morrison

It’s been nearly three years since I started CrossFit. I read about PlusHFP online and really identified with the philosophy of fitness that underpinned the programs. Since then I’ve changed in the way I see myself. I now identify as an active participant in my future health and fitness.
Any sort of lift is my favourite movement closely followed by squats and rowing. And I fucking hate burpees!
Before I started CrossFit I couldn’t run. I mean not at all. Corey started me running by sending me over the road to pay off his account over the road at Randy’s. I had to go fast so I’d be back before the tribe (who were running across three states or something) returned. I can now run 600m unbroken (and very slowly) – I wonder who’s paying Corey’s account for him now.
My cheat meal is alcohol. I don’t drink tea or coffee and never have.
What would I do without bacon? Well, my second husband was a pig and I don’t miss him!
Outside the gym I’m a potter and love working on my wheel. I’m lucky to have an incredible network of friends and I love socialising. I enjoy myself at the top of my voice. Sometimes I can be a teensie bit inappropriate. I find it’s best to go and apologise to everyone when I arrive and then relax and have fun! My favourite place to travel is to the airport with my passport. I’m off to Italy and Croatia in a few weeks! I enjoy all the F words – family, friends and fun.
Plus HFP has become an integral part of my life and the thing I value most about it is the humans. The encouragement and support I receive is given generously and without judgement.
I’m a Plus HFP junkie. I’ll be continuing to develop in my fitness and strength for as many years as I’m able. It’s my goal to one day become a life member of PlusHFP!

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