June 2020 Favourite Human – Jacqueline Naylor

I have been CrossFitting now for about 18 months or so. 

Oh my God! The biggest change I have noticed within myself since I started Crossfit? This is a huge one for me! Did you see me at the beginning? I was so overweight & unfit.  Biggest physical change is body shape & I don’t look 10 years older than I actually am. Biggest mental change is in my self-confidence.

I don’t really have a favourite movement of choice – they all are hard & hurt, I have lots of least favourite’s, but my main least favourite is thrusters.

Out of Burpees or Squats and the cardio stuff running, rowing or the bike I’d have to toss a coin. Probably squats, and the bike.

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before you started CrossFit is touch my toes haha! But hmmm….too many to name, banded pull-ups although unsure if I can still do them since Covid-19 shutdown.

I don’t have a cheat meal but I love KFC but it is too regular in my diet to be called a cheat meal (whoops)

One thing that I love to do outside of the gym is to go swimming.

 I take my coffee empty – I don’t drink it.

Life without bacon?  I guess I’d eat less eggs!

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the variety of workouts.

 I have nothing when it comes to party tricks! Sorry, I’m boring, I’ve got nothing – not even a good joke. 

My favourite place to travel is anywhere, but the easiest place is Bali.

3 things I couldn’t live without are my family, swimming & my phone.

In 5 years I see myself working hard in a career that I love, continuing to do the things that I love, exploring new places to travel.

Moving forward I am chasing some goals which need me to be lighter, fitter & stronger, so starting with losing some more weight as I will need to be lighter to achieve the other goals.

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