June 6, 2019 – Gymnastics

3 rounds
10 m slider walk
10 m Crab walk each side
10 Banded pass overs

*After the 3 Rounds Grab a foam roller and spend 2 minutes rolling out the Latts and thoracic

5 x 2 Muscle Up Negative

*Preform with as much control as possible, lower to rings place toes on ground transition through and to kneeling position

ADV – 5 x 2 Strict Ring muscle up + a controlled negative
45 seconds rest between sets

A. Alternating Sets: Ring Dip, Ring Row

5 sets, for quality, of:
A1. 5-8 Ring DipsA2. 8 Ring Rows*Scale – Box or static dips/ bench dips – beginners
*Advanced – elevated or weighted ring rows


Every 1 minute for 10 minutes (5 rounds):
Minute 1
L-Sit for 20-30 seconds
Minute 2
6-8 Strict Toes to Bars

Scale* Hollow hold, *knees to chest

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