Kick Your Crazy Life

There’s no denying it – every hour of every day, you’re pulled in what feels like a million directions. We scramble from task to task and it’s never enough!

More and more, we push those moments of personal appreciation further into the background with the idea that we’ll take the time of ourselves “later”. That elusive idea of “me-time” is a myth as far as most of us are concerned, but should it be?

No way, my friend!



You actually need some chill time. Time devoted to you recharges your social batteries, helps you regulate your needs and responses (even assisting in strengthening your self-control) and de-stresses you.

Going without, on the other hand, compounds matters – and grinding through your work and social calendar day in and day out can actually be harmful to your mental and physical health.

So, how can you unplug in a world where you are constantly wired into the grid?



When you’re struggling to figure out just when you should be taking some time devoted to you, the old adage, “time is money”, is a fave – your time is worth some serious dollar bills!

But, while we certainly use that mentality when thinking about wasting time, we’re not good at managing our time like we would manage our money. When you’ve got to have that new pair of shoes, you know just how to save for them, and you shuffle the cash around accordingly.

Think of your time in the same way!

Keep the priority level for some good old me, myself and I time high, and you’ll be feeling it in every aspect of your life.



Other than the obvious, is there a reason why you keep yourself busy? More and more, we find that people are actually scared of downtime.

It sounds bonkers, but let’s face it when you do have a spare hour, how do you spend it?

If you find yourself more often than not worrying about future to-dos or past tasks, then you might be subconsciously avoiding “me-time” in general. With this in mind, what are you doing in your life that is contributing nothing (or very little) to you or your community’s well-being?

Put those parts of your busy life on the chopping block and substitute some well-deserved recognition of the almighty you instead.

Remember that time devoted to yourself is not a waste! Studies show that people comfortable with alone time actually have lower rates of depression, better self-satisfaction, and fewer physical maladies.

How’s that for a mind-body connection?

Invest in yourself, and devote some time to YOU! Trust me, you’ve earned it.

Interestingly, the part of our lives that most people neglect is their health. This even includes the folks who actually do something towards building a better body and investing in their health in some way daily. Yep


Our friends and our social lives make us fail with our health while we tell ourselves that “we are treating ourselves” since we had a busy week.


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