Magnesium Oil Spray

By Salt Lab Salt lab was developed by a Melbourne based personal trainer, nutritionist & health coach, Clementine. After starting up her own health successful gym, this Coach began suffering from health issues due to being extremely run down. Hormones were totally out of whack, adrenal glands exhausted, cortisol levels through the roof – the whole sha bang! After many consults with a natural practitioner, magnesium was found to be the key mineral to aide in her recovery. With magnesium oil being the most accessible form of magnesium out their clementine was on the hunt for a high quality magnesium oil. All the magnesium available was very ‘clinical’ and hard to get her hands on. Fast forward a few months and salt lab was born.This therapeutic oil has been tested on the Australian lacrosse team during the world cup, fitness models, powerlifters & football players through competition, elderly, pregnant mums to be and a heap of the general pop – all with successful stories and agreement that salt lab really is “magic oil”. Hear what others have to say…

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