March 2020 Favourite Human – Cindy Frost

I’ve been in and around the CrossFit community since 2009, but have come and gone with my own training during that time to have a family and rehabilitate from injury.  I have been back at Human now for almost 18months.

Regular training reminds me that I CAN do it! It keeps me brave; being scared of heights (which makes anything on the rig scary) and of being upside down (weird, I know) makes a lot of the movements mentally challenging for me.  Probably more importantly though, I love the influence that my training regularly has on my kids – they know I have those fears, and yet they also know I keep going back and facing those fears.

The lifts are my movements of choice – with my feet firmly on the ground!  While it used to be my favourite, I dread seeing a snatch on the whiteboard these days…. and I’m so scared of heights and of being upside down, so no handstands for me, and I really have to steel myself to use the rig…it’s a wonder I can do anything in the gym, really!

What do you prefer… Burpees or Squats? Squats…does anyone choose burpees?! Run, Row or bike? Row…or the bike at my favourite pace of ‘conversational’ 😉 But definitely not running for me.

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t do before starting CrossFit is pretty much all of it!  Some days I couldn’t even stand up straight.

Favourite cheat meal would have to be Hot chippies.

One thing I love outside of the gym Is the sun, pretty much anything outdoors.  I do love the ocean.

I love black coffee, and I would certainly struggle to survive without it.  (So would the people around me!)

What would you do without bacon?  Kill my own pig? (sorry vegans…)

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is training alongside all types of people at all levels and everyone feeling a part of what we’re doing, whether you’re scaling or RX+’ing.  That’s the best thing about CrossFit. I truly believe that everyone’s workout is relative – if you’ve scaled correctly you’re outputting the same as the person next to you.

I prefer to be entertained by other people’s party tricks.

I love to travel… We’re loving a family trip to Bali these days.  Further afield, Italy and Spain are super amazing… 

3 things I couldn’t live without is My family, my church and my training.

In 5 years I see myself being better at everything I’m doing now

Moving forward my goals are to maintain consistency because I’m in this for the long haul…

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