March 2021 Favourite Human – Lachlan Walter

I have been CrossFitting almost a year. 

The biggest change within myself that I have noticed since starting CrossFit is my overall fitness has improved and my technique has improved a lot.

My movement of choice… Well, I don’t think they count but BOX JUMPS are my favourite movement <3. I like the ‘clean’ & I don’t really have a least favourite but it would have to be a ‘snatch’.

Out of Burpees or Squats, Run, Row or bike? I think I’ll have to go with burpees and Row.

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit would have to be more than 5 strict pull-ups without stopping. That’s putting aside all CrossFit movements (which I’d never done before). 

My favourite cheat meal would have to be dessert, and specifically, my mum’s pavlova!

One thing that I  love to do outside of the gym…well It’s a hard decision between eating and sleeping. Too close to call.

Life without bacon… Well id eat more pavlova.

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the atmosphere. I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym as much as Human Fitness.

 My best party trick is finding out there is a dog and becoming its best friend!

My favourite place to travel is any place I haven’t been to before. I like to embrace new experiences.

3 things I couldn’t live without would be Food, fitness & my family.

In 5 years hopefully, I am living a well-balanced life! My goal is to own a pharmacy, do something active every day & start a family.

Moving forward my goals are to improve my CrossFit technique and slowly progress to heavier weights. I also want to do a proper muscle up and a handstand pushup!

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