March 2022 Favourite Human – Clay Foley

I’ve been CrossFitting and coming to Human for 18months now.

The biggest change within myself since starting CrossFit is My knees have given me grief whenever I’ve exercised in the past. 

Since working with coaches at Human, I have a full range of movement and strength in my knees, I can even get my butt parallel to the floor when I squat now.

My movement of choice would be Back Squats, my least favourite Rowing

Out of Burpees or Squats, Run, Row or bike? Squats and the rest are great just not Rowing

One thing I can do know that I never thought I could before was Participate in the Xfit games. Even at my age and as a novice.

2021 games were only 6months after I started. I had no idea what to expect or how the games worked but happy to sign up and give it a go. 

In the end, I had ranked 11 in Australia and 14 Oceania in my category.

My favourite cheat meal is anything. … even Jod’s cooking … if this gets printed, I won’t have teeth to chew a steak … so it’ll be anything pureed  

One thing I love to do outside the gym is I love horse racing, am part owner in 3 racehorses, not much of a punter, I just love watching them race.

Coffee is normally taken with Jod’s, we have coffee together every morning, to survive without coffee is just existing.

What would I do without bacon? Is there such a thing as living without bacon?

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is The feeling you get when you enter the box and the egos are left at the door.

My best party trick? Can hold a tune … not too bad at karaoke LOL

My favourite place to travel is South Korea, itching to get back!

3 things I couldn’t live without would be Family, food and good times

In 5 years I see myself Still training at Human and enjoying life

Moving forward my goals are to keep learning and improving not only in the gym but in life also.

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