May 11, 2019 – Weightlifting

Warm Up

Accessory Work/Warm up
Rounds Not For Time – 15:00 continuous clock
5x Offset push ups each side
15x (5x5x5x reset) hanging lat raises
10x kettlebell sumo deadlifts 24/16
10x Turkish get ups – 5 each side – 16/12
15x Banded Lat pull downs (5x5x5x reset)
working for 15:00, don't rush the work, move with purpose, be mindful through all positions, smooth transitions between movements, minimal rest

Offset pushups – move one hand forward and the other back from standard position – do 5 this way then change fwd to bwd and bwd to fwd position to repeat for 5.
Teams of 2-3

A. Clean Pull 5-5-5-5-5

In teams of 3:

Clean Pull
– Set 1 – 5 reps @ 80%
– Set 2 – 5 reps @ 90%
– Set 3 – 5 reps @ 100%
– Set 4 – 5 reps @ 110%
– Set 5 – 5 reps @ 120%
Rest as needed

%'s of 1RM Clean & Jerk
Working from 'blocks' – stack plates so bar is at or just above knees.
Movement should be fast as well as controlled with a steady eccentric – take a moment to ensure position at the bottom before repeating
grouping lifters with similar lift weights, as near as possible with some give and take +/-
Working at 2:30 intervals so a group can cycle as well as get rest

B. Clean Complex

Clean Complex
5 sets of this complex with weight set @ 80% of Clean & Jerk – 2:30 intervals
3x Hang Power Cleans
2x Power Cleans
1x Squat Clean
Scoring: Not Scored

C. Split Jerk 7 x 3

Split Jerk
– 7 sets of 3 reps @ 80%
Rest as needed

80% of Clean & Jerk
sets at 1:30 intervals
stay focussed on all reps with stable/balanced catch positions
pause a moment at the catch to ensure no rush out of that position

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