May 18, 2019 – Strength and Conditioning

Warm Up

Gymnastics/ Rope climb technique

A. 5 Rounds For Time of Cardios, Burpees, and Rope Climbs

5 Rounds for Time:
Cardio 200 meters
12 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs 15 feet
Rest 30 seconds between each round

Cardio – Row/ Ski

B. For Time: Sandbag Carries, Double-Unders, Clean and Jerks, and more

In teams of 2:

For Time:
Sandbag Carry 400 meters
200 Double-Unders
50 Clean and Jerks @ 55/35 kg
200 Double-Unders
100 Calories of Assault Bike
200 Double-Unders
50 Ring Dips
Sandbag Carry 400 meters

*Get at it team –


Coaches call

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