MAY 2016 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH ” Naomi Bennett

  • I have been CrossFiting for 18 months.
  • Since starting CrossFit the biggest change within myself that I have noticed, is my mental strength and body appreciation.
  • Power cleans & muscle up are my favourite movements, I loooveeee them both.
  • Squats for dayssssss and Burpees – who actually likes that movement?
  • Ill take running over running any day, have a competitive long distance running history.
  • Since starting CrossFit I can now perform Strict chest to bar pull-ups.
  • Progenex Belgium chocolate recovery, best post workout protein shake.
  • Favourite cheat Chocolate sundae with mnm minis from McDonalds.
  • I love to ocean, out side of the gym I love to Surf and coastal walks.
  • How do you take your coffee? Don’t drink coffee, Fitaid all the way.
  • Bacon hmmmm, nah, smoked salmon all the way.
  • CrossFit Plus, I love the coaching, community. I Strive to improve everyday at CrossFit Plus, my family.
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