I’ve been doing CrossFit now for about 2 years now. The biggest change I have seen in myself would definitely be my strength and also I am a lot fitter now than when I was younger. Deadlifts, I love Deadlift. My favourite movement by far. My least favourite movement would have to be Burpees for sure In saying that, Squat any day over Burpees. Running is not a strong point of mine but I would take it over rowing any day, but in saying that, lately I haven’t minded rowing, so go figure. Linking toes to bar, before starting CrossFit I was never able to link toes to bar. Even though I have only linked 2, that’s a big achievement considering I use to do them by 1’s It goes without saying, best post workout protein shake by far, Progenex, Choc Choc Chocolate. Haters are gonna be haters, but my all time favourite cheat meal would have to be Maccas, Large Quarter Pounder Meal. I love my Pushy… I ride my pushy 13-15kms a day – love being outdoors and in the fresh air Coffee… ½ strength Cappucino with 1 sugar Bacon… I love bacon n eggs. Friday, Saturday and Sunday breakfast gets me every time. CrossFit Plus… The people. I have formed friendships with a lot of people and enjoy my time at the box. I enjoy all the laughs we have. CrossFit Plus our home. Moving forward I want to get stronger and fitter and eventually build the confidence up to compete in a competition.

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