May 2018 Athlete of the Month – Laura Robinson

Our Athletes say it best…

I have been part of the Plus tribe for almost 1 year now I think!

I’d say the biggest change I’ve noticed within myself since i started CrossFit is definitely strength. Before starting at Plus I couldn’t lift a barbell over my head!

If you know me, you will know my hate for rowing…
On the other hand, my movement of choice is definitely burpees. I think I may be the only one, but I love THEM!!!

So in saying that, burpees any day over squats, but I like both. As for running…
I could run all day.

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before I started at “Plus” is Handstands!! A year ago I was petrified to even kick up against the wall, now I even feel confident doing handstand push-ups.

Mmmm favorite cheat meal…
That’s easy…
Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake.

One thing outside of the gym I love doing is spending time with family and friends. Nothing is more important.

I generally don’t drink coffee (It hits me hard and I end up hyper-active for hours!!) but when I do I always order an Almond milk Flat white.

What would I do without bacon? I’d Survive. Cheesecake on the other hand…
Fetch the IV drip!!

The thing I love most about Plus is it  isn’t just a gym, it’s a family. The people make Plus HFP home.

Favourite party trick.. Haha Being in bed by 9pm! ?

New York City is my favourite place to travel to. If I could have, I would have never left.
But i am glad i did, as the 3 things that I couldn’t live without, are right here with me…

  1. Coach Lob
  2. Briggsy
  3. Family

In 5 years I will probably be mourning my 20s…

Moving forward my goal is to build confidence, strength and skill in my overhead

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