May 2022 Favourite Human – Dylan Davis

I have been Crossfitting now for roughly 4 years. I think…

The biggest change I have noticed would have to be doing movements I’d never dreamed I could do

Clean and jerk would be my movement of choice. My least favourite would have to be anything gymnastics

Burpees over squats and definitely the bike over a run or row

One thing I can do now that I never thought I could would be snatching. I never could do a snatch without ending up on the floor before I started CrossFit

A Schnitty and a schooner would be the go-to for a cheat meal

Outside of the gym, I love to Snowboard, bodyboard and ocean swimming depending on the season

I’m a get-up and go kind of person. No coffee is needed here.

Life without bacon? I’d just eat more steak

The best thing about Human is the people. Always good vibes in the gym.

My favourite place to travel is Japan. Nothing compares to the Oyuki (big snow)

3 things I couldn’t live without is Family, friends and snowboarding 

5 years from now I hope to be still living locally. Hopefully in a place of my own, chasing waves and snow as much as possible.

Moving forward I’d love a 100kg clean and jerk and an 80kg snatch within the next year. I wouldn’t say no to some respectable-looking gymnastics skills either

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