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Most of us all make the mistake of treating Friday as a dress rehearsal, before the real thing on Monday, with the mindset of —If this doesn’t go well I’ll just redo it.
But if we’re truly trying to put up our best possible score forward, Friday is not a dry run—we’re going to hit it hard.
Yes, we’re planning on retesting it, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What if you get sick? What if you’re injured or debilitatingly sore? What if a family or work emergency comes up? Best to move on Fridays as though Mondays don’t exist.

Redo Mondays
This is our competition season, we’ve spent the last year preparing for these five specific workouts and repeating on Monday gives us the opportunity to leave no stone unturned and walk away every week knowing that the score on the leaderboard reflects our best possible outcome.

On Friday, ignorance was bliss; today we know exactly how much it’s going to hurt. Walking into the gym on Monday is a mental challenge, but it’s one everyone is going through. The difference is, you love this feeling. Those butterflies in your stomach? The sweat in the palms of your hands? The nerves coursing through your veins? Cherish them.

You’ve spent every day of the last year working toward this feeling, and you are ready.

You are the one of the most mentally tough athlete in the sport. This is where we eat. Smile, and go get it”’
*Ben Bergeron, COMPTRAIN –

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