November 2015 Athlete of the Month

Simon Fisher

  1. I have been CrossFiting for 10 months.
  2. My biggest change since my time at CrossFit Plus is my skill set now – the technique of the movements in Crossfit wasn’t something I had ever trained in before, and it’s rewarding learning the correct form, etc.
  3. My favourite movement would be squatting, either front or back, is something I enjoy.
  4. My least favourite movement is overhead squat – that is the devil’s work.
  5. I actually like both burpees and squatsnot love, but like.
  6. I’d take rowing over runningevery time.
  7. Before I had started CrossFit at CrossFit Plus, I had never been able to do more than one pull up. I can now knock them out regularly.
  8. Post workout I use Evolve WPI.
  9. My favourite cheat meal is pizza, lots of pizza
  10. I’m not a coffee drinker.
  11. Bacon should be eaten at every opportunity.
  12. CrossFit Plus has changed my life. Training is now something I thoroughly enjoy.
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