• I have been doing CrossFit for about two years now.
  • Since starting CrossFit the biggest change I have noticed would be my confidence, the confidence to achieve my goals, and to talk to people. OHS are by far my favourite movement.
  • Thrusters /Burpees, nothing worse what can I say.
  • Clearly I would much prefer Squats then burpees, Squat all day J
  • Run or Row, I suck at both but if I hat to choose I would rather run. Before I started CrossFit I could never perform a Power Snatch, and now I can.
  • My chosen post work out shake is Giant sports delicious protein ” Banana.
  • Funny enough my favourite cheat would have to be a large Zinger box meal w/ extra chicken salt and a Golden Gay Time Krusher. In saying that, I can never go past Ice Cream w/ Milo
  • Out side the Gym, to be honest I just love some good old Mikayla time to chill and relax.
  • Coffee Yuckk, so disgusting Crispy Bacon, nom nom nom
  • I Enjoy the people and friends I have made at CrossFit Plus the most.
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