October 2017 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Jenna Keenen

Our Athletes say it best. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 10 months now I think. The biggest change I have noticed within myself since starting CrossFit is my mental and physical strength   Thrusters would have to be my least favourite movement, I really don’t like them. Back Squats are my movement of chose, never Squat to much right 😉 Does anyone prefer Burpees over Squats? Squats hands down Running is not my favourite thing, I would much rather row then run. Before I started CrossFit I couldn’t do a single man push-up but now I can do around ten without stopping. Isopure Cookies and Cream, my favourite post workout protein shake. I love pizza and chocolate, most definitely my favourite cheat meal. Outside of the gym, I like to eat and hang out with friends. I enjoy my coffee black, perfectly brewed long black. Bacon…Yeşssssssss I love bacon! The coaches, the Athletes,  everyone is so friendly and always encourages each other, Moving forward…My goals are to become stronger and healthier.


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