October 2019 Favourite Human – Derek

I began my CrossFit journey just over 9 months ago!

I would say the biggest change within myself since I started training is a newfound confidence 

Hmm, there is definitely a few but I would say my favourite movement of choice would be the Snatch. My Least favourite is the assault bike… Gross

Burpees or Squats? Easy.. Squats.. gotta get that squat booty! And Run, Row or bike? Definitely, prefer running

One thing that I can do now do that I couldn’t before you started CrossFit would be the gymnastics side of things, especially Muscle Ups

My favourite cheat meal is an easy one.. I love Pizza

One thing that I love to do outside of the gym is get out in nature Hiking or walking on the beach 

Mmmmm… Double shot mocha. I could live without coffee, but I need the caffeine

A world without bacon, is no world I want to live in.

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is how everyone is so easily approachable, and consistently challenging me to be the best person I can be! 

I can do the worm… that’s a pretty epic party trick!

My Favourite place to travel would be anywhere New 

The 3 things I couldn’t live without would be the Gym, Pizza and my dogs!

Not sure where I see myself in 5 years but only time will tell…

Moving forward my goal is to just crush life!

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