October 2020 Favourite Human – Mitch Ramsbotham

I have been CrossFitting now for 7 years on and off.

The biggest change I have noticed within myself since starting my CrossFit journey is my overall general fitness and a positive mindset

My CrossFit movement of choice would be the clean&jerk.. Love my weightlifting.  My least favourite would have to be lunge.

Out of burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike? I’d say the squat. Row. All-day

One thing I can now do that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is handstand walking. 

My favourite cheat meal would have to be Burgers.

When not at training and in the gym I love to get in the ocean. I love to Surf!

I take my coffee as a long black with a dash of milk. There’s no way I could survive without it, my life literally revolves around a schedule of coffee.

A life without bacon? I would cry.

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the people. The allure of Human has always been the people, it’s what keeps you coming back.

 My best party trick would be Inhaling fire.

The best place to travel in the world for me would be Japan.

3 things I could not live without would be my wife, kids, and the ocean.

In 5 years I see myself hopefully competing in masters.

Moving forward my goals are to drop the booze, work on running, static handstand and have a good time.

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