October 5, 2019 – Weightlifting

Warm Up – 2 Rounds

5x each way – Static Spiderman stretch
5x each way – Side Plank Reach Through
10x Hollow Rock, not each way
5x each way – alt Step Out Sampson Lunge
10x Russian KBS 16/24
Bear Crawl – 1x lap fwd + 1x lap bwd

A. Shoulders & Torso – 20:00 cap

Shoulders & Torso – 20:00 cap
"Torsionator" – add weight carefully
Landmine Walk – 8/12kg KB on sticks
1/2 kneeling Press – add weight
Serratus – Shoulder Slides – sets of 10
Hollow Hold to Hollow Arch – add small weight
Flutter Kicks – holding small weight, arms extended
Scoring: Not Scored

B. Overhead Squat 3RM

3 Overhead Squats @ 100%

*work with time remaining
*wear lifting shoes if you have them
*take care focus on good position
*manage rest min 1:30min, longer as weight increases

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