Our athletes say it best…

I have been CrossFitting for a little over 12 months

The biggest change I have noticed within myself since starting at Plus
would have to be how I’ve become more relaxed and more in tune with my body and its limits

Muscle-ups, I love Muscle-ups. I would have to say they are my movement of choice

Snatch is my least favourite CrossFit Movement?

Squats over burpees all day

Would have to say Running over Rowing

Before starting CrossFit I could never walk on my hands.

True Protein is my post workout nutrition. Coconut flavour prowie of course.

My favourite cheat meal would have to be the fattest meatiest burger I can find

When I’m not at the gym I love to travel and annoy my Fiancé

I take my coffee Triple shot black / no sugar

I Love bacon… If I could eat it every day I would

The things I enjoy the most about Crossfit Plus is its always a great time, everyone is friendly and very welcoming… It’s just a big family

Goals moving forward are to move more efficiently and develop better range of motion, becoming more flexible. 

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