Patience in Practice

The Journey….so far Our training asks us to develop skills in quite a few movements as we progress our fitness/health/strength journey. I just wanted to drop in this time around with a reminder to be patient with the journey. If you have a definite goal/destination in mind that’s great and I encourage you to keep on towards it – then realise it – then see if you don’t set another goal. You see each time we complete a journey and reach our destination we will often set out on the next journey. We spend way more time journeying that we do arriving at. Be kind to yourself along the way. I heard years ago someone say, “It takes 2years to bake a CrossFit cake”. They weren’t trying to be funny – they were acknowledging it could take a while to develop skills, mobility and strength sufficient to be able to move confidently through a workout no matter what the requirements. A younger person with an up to date sporting background, lithe of limb and strong of body has a pretty good starting point. Someone else comes to the sport of CrossFit at 55/56yrs of age, has lost a bit of weight from their peak 106kg and stopped a packet a day smoking habit and can’t run around the block without stopping. It will probably take a while to move better and develop. That is how it works. It might be an untidy way of saying this but I just wanted to encourage anyone who is reading this – no matter how long you have been doing CrossFit: Please remember where you started – Acknowledge every gain no matter how small Remember whatever it is we are doing in the present moment usually outweighs something we might be going to do some other time. Progressing the journey will involve – in no particular order and this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Sleeping
  • Using less weight
  • Doing additional work
  • Being nice to your partner
  • Practicing basic stuff
  • Asking someone else if your doing it right
  • Videoing what you do so you can see for yourself or show a coach later on
  • Calling your mum
  • Congratulating a friend on their successful lift
  • Asking your coach for advice or guidance
  • Paying the pink slip

Cheers Coach Uncle Pete

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