Pose Running

Running is one of the most fundamental athletic skills, it’s just walking really, really fast, right…
Well yes, but not quite. The skill and technique involved are simple but yet goes beyond belief.
From developing the correct fall, foot and hip alignment, this is one of the elements that can make or break any athlete or runner.

Dr Romanov simply defined these elements, and in the process created a way to conceptualize and teach them. Nicholas is the creator of the Pose Method®
So what exactly is Pose Running Technique?

Fall, and the Pull. 

Pose –> Fall –> Pull.
changing support from one leg to the other by pulling the support foot from the ground. It sounds quite simple, but it takes a lot of practice to obtain the mind-muscle connection, retraining your muscle memory and to unlearn old habits.

Pose Theory is the most controversial aspect of Pose Running. “Pose Theory states that human movement is defined by how we interact with and manipulate gravity to move from one pose to the next. According to Pose Theory, runners move forward only by manipulating the downward force of gravity via rotational torque and the disruption of balance. In other words, the downward force of gravity pulls a runner forward because he or she is leaning forward and rotating over his or her leg. Also, according to Pose Theory, in running there is no pushing forward, there is only falling forward. If a runner attempts to push off as he/ she runs, it will result in problems with his/ her running technique*

Fact, pour running technique is the #1 cause of knee, hamstring, and ankle injuries.
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