We are health and fitness. We are boardshorts and bikinis and one pieces too. We are men and women. We are young and old. We are mums and dads. We are office workers. We are hungry kids after school. We are life. We are 80:20. We are good food and bad. We are fun yet we have our eye on the prize. We are sweaty gym bodies, gym belts and wraps. We are pump classes, CrossFit sessions and runs with your mates. We are walks with your dog and mountain hikes. We are weekends away with your friends. We are PB’s in the gym. We are calloused hands and sore muscles. We are the best spotting partner you’ll ever have. We live and breath this stuff. We walk the walk. We are confident and empowered. We are determined. We are therapeutic. We are delayed gratification. We are authentic. We have strengths and weaknesses. We have big goals for the future but embrace today. We are honest, ethical, integral. We are everyday. We are balanced. We are a glass of wine on the weekend. We are a lifestyle; a mindset. We understand you. We are you. We are PSE

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