Rules n Burpees

 – CrossFit Plus BOX Rules”

We are a COMMUNITY and we want to make sure everyone respects one another, the equipment and our facility. It’s for your own safety.

  • -Late arrival (5 minute buffer, every minute after that the penalty accrues):                          =5 burpees – It is courteous to your fellow athletes to be on time. If you have a reason and know you will be late, please notify your COACH but you will still be required to warm up before taking part in the class.
  • – Not being ready on time:                          =15 burpees – Aim to arrive at least 5 ” 10 minutes early giving you time to sign in, go to the bath room, and change clothes.
  • -Make a mess with chalk, penalty:                         =15 burpees
  • -Spill bucket of chalk, penalty:                         =50 burpees
  • -No collars on bar, penalty                         =25 burpees
  • -Dumping weights, uncontrollably or with no bumper plates on, 5kg or less are not bumper plates (only as last resort) penalty:                         =75 burpees (3 warning limit, Coaches discretion)
  • -If you do not introduce yourself to a new athlete, penalty:                         =10 burpees
  • -Not cleaning up after yourself, penalty:                         =15 burpees
  • -Taping the pull up bar’s, rings, penalty:                         =150 burpees (NO WARNINGS)
  • -Not listening to the COACH, penalty:                         =15 burpees
  • -Not informing your COACH of any Injury’s, penalty:                         =Further injury to yourself.
  • Time Caps for strength/WODs: This cap will keep you from over training and training outside the intended metabolic pathway. There is a science behind our programming we don’t just pull a rabbit out of a hat. It is there for a reason, that reason may be class efficiency.
  • Encourage your fellow Athletes. Push yourself and those around you. Don’t drag anyone down.
  • Tell us if you notice if any of the equipment is broken or there is no toilet paper. Bring it to our attention so we can do something about it.
  • Don’t cheat: NO one cares what your score or time is, everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone and yourself, you are the only one that gets hurt. You know what full range of motion is; there is no excuse outside of injury. If someone calls you out, listen. The person standing around watching your work out has a much better perspective on what you are doing then you do. If you see someone doing something that you are pretty sure will hurt them or others, be assertive and ask them to STOP. It does not matter who it is. If anyone is deadlifting say with a rounded back, call him or her out. Safety first!
  • Clean it up: Put stuff back where it belongs when you’re done and keep the chalk in the bucket.  Hang jump ropes on proper hooks; do not leave them tied in one big knot, bands away in correct place. Spray and wipe any equipment, which may contain your sweat and or blood (BB, KB, Rowers, Bikes, blue mats, etc) with the disinfectant and a rag. Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, Band-Aid’s, water bottles and sweaty clothes.


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