Safety & Sanitation – Safety and guidelines as we navigate our gym opening during a pandemic

In order to keep our doors open successfully we need to stay in compliance with the standards of the NSW government which involves the following:  

  1. Limit occupancy to no more than 20 people at any one time including staff.  (This is not a problem for us, being semi private facility we will rely on our usual reservation system via Zen for this to be successful and encourage all to please reserve all classes within the time domain  in order to be able to train).
  2. Comply with all NSW government recommended guidelines.  
  3. Maintain our cleanliness and hygiene standards. Clean all equipment before and after use. Do not share equipment.
  4. Maintain safe social distancing. Current guidelines state 1 person per 4square meter rule
  5. Do not train if unwell – simple

In addition to our normal cleaning and sanitation practices, the protocols we have listed below are ways we can offer you a safe and productive workout.

Services and programs:  

  • Our regular strength & conditioning classes will resume with our usual timetable within allowed capacity. Reservations via Zen.
  • One on one personal training sessions available.
  • Although not mandatory masks are advised when arriving and leaving the gym.

During facility opening:

  • All staff and members will comply with workplace protocols 
  • You must notify staff of your full vaccination record on your first visite back at Human
  • All members exhibiting any symptoms of being infected with COVID-19 while at the gym will notify staff and exit the facility and immediately isolate for the allocated 14 day period. You may not return until you have received a negative result.
  • If a member has tested positive we will suspend operations at the gym until a thorough clean and disinfecting of the gym has been done. Then and only then will we RE-OPEN at the appropriate time.
  • All Apparatuses, equipment, the front desk, Toilets, Bathroom, Kitchen and vending machine, etc will be sprayed with disinfectant spray.  

Before you workout:

  • Members must wear masks when entering the facility 
  • Members will be required to sign a COVID – 19 specific addendum to the standard waiver (a lot of you have already attended to this).
  • All members will check in via our QR code and well as reserving classes
  • Members must use hand sanitisers before starting their workout and upon completing before wiping down the gear.

During Classes:

  • Cleanliness. There will still be several hand sanitizer locations on the training floor
  • Staff and clients to remain 4 ft apart when possible while on the training floor.
    • The staff and members will clean each piece of exercise equipment immediately after use, after they have re-sanitized their hands.
  • Weather permitting, there will be opportunity to train outside 

Cleaning and other considerations:

  • equipment will be cleaned, by the members and staff, after each use by disinfectant.
  • There will be an additional cleaning performed at the end of each class.
  • In addition to normal cleaning, bathrooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day 
  • Restrooms are limited to only 1 person at a time
    • As always, staff and members must wash hands before leaving the restroom
    • There is a Hand Sanitzer station outside of the bathroom area. 

Facility Closing

  • The staff will conduct our standard closing cleaning procedures at the end of the business day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us direct. 

Human Fitness thanks everyone for their ongoing support. We are so glad that you continue to prioritise your health and our community during this unprecedented time.
You are each an example of overcoming challenges and embracing new ones – this is no different! Together we can keep moving toward fitness and care for one another. 

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