Seeing RED

Red meat is arguably one of the most controversial foods in the human diet, especially since conflicting information has been shared over the years. After reading this article, you will see that red meat isn’t so bad… in fact, it should be an important part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. Today vs. 100 Years Ago Before we look at the reasons why you should include red meat in your diet, it is important that we first take a look at the differences between red meat today compared with many years ago. Humans have been eating meat throughout history and our digestive systems are built in a way to handle the meat. The problem is that today’s meat is different in many ways from the natural meat that was consumed by our ancestors. Before the days of factory farming and mass production of beef, the meat was raised in a very different way. The animals were free to roam through the fields and eat grass throughout the day, and their diet was very natural based on the insects and plants that were freely available. On the other hand, cows are raised in a completely different environment today. Buying conventionally raised, factory-farmed meat from the grocery store means that the cow was…Read on

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