September 19, 2019 – Gymnastics

-10 Banded Shoulder dislocators
-10 Banded strict press
-10 Banded Pull apart’s
10m Crab walks forward/ backwards/ side/ side
Then – Tabata (20:10 x4rounds)
-Hollow Body/ Arch HOLDs


2rounds of:
-5 Scap Pull-ups
-5 Arch to Hollow Swings
Scoring: Not Scored

B. Strict Pull-Up 5 x 5

Strict Pull-Up
– 5 sets of 5 reps
Rest as needed

*Ring Row Pull-ups/ Negative w/3-5second eccentric

C. 4 Rounds For Time of Pull-Ups, Toes to Bars, and Double-Unders

4 Rounds for Time:
8 Pull-Ups
12 Toes to Bars
30 Double-Unders

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