September 2018 Athlete Of The Month Ben Eldridge

I have been part of the Plus HFP tribe and CrossFitting for about 15 months now.

The biggest change for me since I’ve started CrossFit is pretty much my whole ideology of a gym. Having absolutely no experience in these sort of environments, I was quick to perceive that CrossFit was going to be just like a regular gym, doing a couple of movements and keeping to yourself. It’s fair to say that I was pretty wrong. The environment at Plus is incredible. But not only are the people awesome, they are also really supportive and helpful and always giving me tips to help me, especially the experienced CrossFitters. I found CrossFit at Plus to be more of a team sport than any other team sport I’ve played in. So yeah, the biggest change would be my ideology of CrossFit.

I would say my favourite CrossFit movements would be pretty much the whole Gymnastics side because what’s better than swinging around and being upside down! My least favourite movements would be double unders and pistol squats, they both just annoy the hell out of me.

I prefer squats over burpees for sure, burpees suck. I prefer running and rowing over the bike as the bike is way harder to stay in a consistent pattern than running and rowing.

I feel I’ve come a long way… before CrossFit, I pretty much couldn’t do anything but now I’m almost able to complete every movement.

Haha I don’t like using the word cheat meal as nearly every day is a cheat meal for me. But can’t beat pizza, ice cream and vanilla thickshakes.

I know not many people would say this but outside of Plus I love my job and makes the week of University worth it.

Coffee?…. Pffftt don’t have coffee, I wake up like dis.

Ooooh Bacon… Without bacon, my choices at cafes would be very limited

The environment is what I enjoy the most about Plus. It’s definitely somewhere where I can just be in my element.

My best party trick would be turning up, Jack could vouch for that (engagement party present).

My favourite place to travel would be a tie between Croatia and Italy.

3 things I couldn’t live with would be a vanilla thick shake, a car and get your tissue box, Brittany Dean.

In 5 years, I will be finished University and working at a high school, have a house and hopefully picked up the art of surfing.

My goals are to master double unders and to be able to do all forms of muscle ups as I’ve just mastered my first one not long ago. I want both these goals to be met before CARNAGE!!!.

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