September 2019 Favourite Human – Byron

It’s been 6 month since I made the sweaty decision to start CrossFit and made that out of breath introduction video… I honestly regret not starting earlier but that’s the mental wall I built and now broke through.

I would definitely say the biggest change I’ve noticed within myself since starting my CrossFit journey would be having the ability to put the game face on when called for and gaining a better ability to never weaken..

My Favourite movement would be overhead squats, my shoulder mobility is not great so seeing the results make it my favourite thing. Least favourite would be sandbag toss, it’s not the movement that grinds my gears, it’s only because my knuckles are boney and get destroyed by the concrete.

When picking preferred movements give me double squats over burpees any day of the week.

But when it comes to running, the bike or rowing.. Hmmm I’ll take all three at once.. Can I do that? Love a run, row or bike! Except rowing on a TABATA, there’s not enough time to get your feet secured and start pulling good numbers before the time is up

One thing that I can do now do that I couldn’t before I started CrossFIt was the physical aspect of certain movements such as simple thing like a pull up all the way up to Olympic lifts. Also my mental game.. I’ve learnt to not give in and lose to a made up enemy.

My favourite cheat meal is easy! All the ice creams!! Anything that leaves your conscience slamming the door and cursing while leaving the room.

One thing I love to do outside of the gym is hanging with the girls, whether it’s at home being dickheads or out at a nice restaurant being dickheads. Bodyboarding all day too!

I would definitely survive without coffee, I abstain from any mind altering substances.

Hmm life without bacon? Well If bacon never existed, you wouldn’t know how to miss it.

The best thing I love about Human Fitness is watching the crew sweat and toil to obtain  transformation of self.

Working in a role of responsibility in hospitality takes up my weekends so I’d say being a no show is my worst party trick.

When it comes to travelling  I’m a pig in mud as long as there is a coastline with the chance of waves.

The three things I couldn’t live without are  my girls, the ocean and my bodyboards they’re my stable support network.

Wow how time flies.. In 5 years I’ll be nearly 50! But by then I hope to be better than yesterday, still getting barrelled and RX’ing all the movements.

Moving forward with training my goals are to RX more difficult movements, overcoming shoulder impingements, lifting heavy correctly and getting flexy, build my mind and body into a beast. I want life to regret me.

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