September 2020 Favourite Human – Sam McEvoy

I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years now minus a bit of time from injuries (not all from CrossFit)

I’d like to say the biggest change is how much more I sleep now but that’s not it…Definitely a lot stronger and as a result, my dodgy knee feels and functions so much better. It took time but it’s starting to pay off.

My favourite movement is any sort of lifting and definitely don’t miss me any burpees, although we are starting to build a healthy relationship…

I would prefer Squats 100% over burpees and Row(I would actually prefer to run but that dodgy knee still doesn’t play nice after running) 

The list of things I can do now since starting CrossFit is loooooong but now I can do pull-ups and box jumps.

My favourite cheat meal would have to be pizza.

Something I love to do outside of the gym is going to the beach, it really feeds my soul but I love watching my kids play their sports.

I have my long black(coffee)with soy milk and I can go long periods without it…one a day max for the ADHD kids!!!!!

I used to eat bacon occasionally but I don’t eat it anymore…I have other hangover food now….

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the people, the community, the support, getting stronger and being able to train with Ash.

My best party trick would have to be the country girl in me and being able to scull a beer ….quickly!!!!

My Favourite place to travel would be anywhere in the world right now but Far North Queensland and the Whitsundays are pretty damn special.

3 things I definitely couldn’t live without would be my kids, my family and food.

In 5 years time, I see myself still trying to get fitter, stronger but probably getting the most joy out of annoying my kids…

My goal moving forward in life is to stay healthy cause without it you have nothing but CrossFit wise WOW, always so many of them – continue to work towards achieving efficient TTB, HSPU, HS walk, DUBS(those bastard frustrate me when as a kid it was a game to do them) and the ultimate goal to get at least one(yep 1) Muscle up in my life 🙂

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