September 2021 Favourite Human – Ryan Page

I’ve been CrossFitting for approximately 8-9 months now.

The biggest change I have noticed since starting CrossFit is physical. I think my conditioning has been my biggest improvement and returning to a gym has helped me develop a new routine after some big life changes.

Deadlifting remains my preferred compound exercise but I am really enjoying the complexity of the Olympic lifts like snatches and clean + jerks. I don’t have a particular movement that I least enjoy but thrusters are rough.

Between burpees and squats, I definitely choose squats. For cardio, I prefer running.

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is snatches, clean + jerk. CrossFit has helped me significantly improve movements that involve elements of front squats.

My favourite cheat meal would have to be pizza.

Outside of the gym, one of my biggest hobbies is tinkering with cars.

 No dairy for me so my coffee is a long black, sometimes with an extra shot. I’m always cautious of people who don’t drink coffee.

 I have been without bacon for a long time. There are some good ‘facon’ (fake bacon) options available.

Human fitness has a very supportive environment driven by everyone involved which motivates me to push harder.

I don’t really have a party trick. Could horrible karaoke pass?

My favourite place to travel would be Europe. Although traveling Australia is beautiful. 

Three things I couldn’t live without are family, gym, and coffee.

In 5 years I hope to see myself competing in a CrossFit event in the near future.

Moving forward, my goals are primarily strength focused but I wish to also improve my gymnastics skills.

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