September 26, 2019 – Gymnastics


15minutes handstand walk practice.
.1) 3 x 6 (3ea way) Box walks
.2) 4 x 10 (5ea way) Lateral wall walk over bumper plate
.3) 4sets – Handstand wall support free-standing HOLDs – Sub ME
Scoring: Not Scored
Time Cap: 15 minutes

*Box Walks > Performance > 3 x HS RTW, against wall – ME
*HS Holds > 5 x HS wheelbarrow walks – 9m
*HS Holds > Performance > Obstacle HS Walk (Get creative)

B. Strength

On a continuous running clock 6rounds for quality…
ME strict TTB – 30seconds
-8 Incline DB Bench – 1minute window
ME no jump Athletic Burpees – 30seconds
*Rest 30seconds –
Scoring: Not Scored

C. Midline

5minutes MAX HOLD of:
*Every time you break, perform 5 V-ups
Scoring: Not Scored
Time Cap: 5 minutes

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