September Athlete of the Month William Thew.

Our Athletes say it best… I joined a Crossfit gym in Townsville in September last year, before moving back home to the Central Coast. I’ve been training at Plus since February. I’ve found that I push myself more within a group. Also doing movements that I would tend to avoid if I was doing my own work at home or a global gym. My movement of choice used to be Snatch until my shoulder injury, I’d have to go with Power Clean. One of the few things I’ve PB’d recently. My least favourite movement is Hollow Rocks, often caught resting when no one’s looking. Squats, burpees are the devil. Run if it’s on the beach or a nice view and under 2km. Row if it’s in a WOD. I couldn’t’ do Muscle ups before I started and it took some practice but I manage a half-assed one every 2 or so minutes on a good day. You could say my chosen protein changes because I’m tight so I buy whatever’s cheap. I don’t mind the Sanitarium Peanut Butter protein shakes from the servo. My favourite cheat meal would be Ribs, wings and beer, for sure Away from the gym I love to play Rugby League I’ll take my coffee free whenever possible, but if I have to pay flat white no sugar. Bacon is suitable for all 6 meals of the day Plus has a great group atmosphere, always a good mix of people in a session. I’m looking forward to the upcoming event 2017 “CARNAGE” with Mick and Jesse. I wanting to consistently hit my Olympic lifts.

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