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There is a real connection between sleep and skin care. During sleep, critical repair functions happen to your skin, and without proper sleep, these functions don’t occur.

Here’s the breakdown:

Skin’s Circadian Rhythm.. During the day, your skin works to shield against environmental aggressors. Free radicals accumulate during the day, and damage peaks when the skin is exposed to environmental stressors such as pollution, UV radiation, and bacteria.

During the night, while you sleep, your skin moves into repair mode in which new cells are created and old cells are replaced. It’s during this period that harmful toxins are removed and the skin renews.

I was recently talking to the team at This Works, a very interesting company that creates beauty sleep products. This Works have created popular and clinically-proven products that bring this connection between sleep and skin to life. The company has also introduced the concept of 24-hour skin care solutions.

This Can Help You Get Your Beauty Sleep .. This Works offers two distinct pillow sprays exclusively designed to improve your sleep patterns. The sprays are powered by an award-winning,100% natural essential oil fragrance blend of relaxing French Lavender, soothing Wild Chamomile, and stress-relieving Vetivert.

This Works deep sleep pillow spray helps you fall asleep, while the This Works sleep plus pillow spray helps restless sleepers stay asleep through the night. These natural remedies are clinically proven, and I’d highly recommend giving them a try if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep and the connection between sleep and skin care is important to you.

Results from a clinical study This Works commissioned showed that 97% of testers who used the This Works deep sleep pillow spray slept better than normal, and 94% of testers who used the sleep plus pillow spray felt less restless in the night than they did without using the spray.

If you’ve noticed your skin is starting to look dull and damaged, think twice before pulling that late night and go to bed – your body and skin will thank you.

Sweet Dreams.


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