Sleep efficiency – How to get more energy from less sleep

Insomnia and sleep deprivation is a major issue in modern fitness circles. Not only is sleep essential to your success as a human – but many lifters don’t get nearly enough.

Here are three easy hacks to help you get more energy, from less sleep:

  1. Avoid Blue Light Exposure

    Especially at night, blue light exposure can be a huge damper on the amount of deep sleep you get. Use colour filters to filter out the blue light.
  2. Lower Your Caffeine Intake

    Many people report that caffeine and green tea can result in a lack of sleep, and in some cases even insomnia. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your overall caffeine intake to below 200 mg/daily and before 1PM.
  3. Hit The Sack Earlier

    Way too many people get to sleep around midnight and wake up around 7AM. At best, this leaves you with 4-5 hours of deep sleep and most strength experts will agree that at least 6 hours are needed in order to have progressive strength adaptations.
    Going to sleep earlier will ensure you reset your schedule and achieve a longer sleep each night.

NOTE: It will take time for you to reset your sleep cycles and overall schedule!
You can increase your total sleep and increase your sleep efficiency is by creating sustainable change through avoidance of blue light, limiting caffeine and going to sleep earlier.

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