Staple strongman training! Here are some essential moves to introduce into your programming:

  • Picking up and moving heavy objects over long distances– for example, shouldering/ cleaning sandbags, D-ball or tyre flipping.
  • Loaded carries or farmers walk– for example, using heavy kettlebells or dumbbells.
  • Isometric holds– keep still while holding a heavy kettlebell, or dumbbell, to improve grip and static strength.
  • Pushing/pulling something heavy – such as a weighted sledge.
  • Pressing – For example, performing ‘clean and press’ with a sandbag
  • Lunges– while holding a sandbag over your head.
  • Squats – while hugging a large sandbag.
  • Throwing heavy objects – for example, slam balls
  • Dynamic chopping – such as, hitting a tractor tyre with a sledgehammer.

It is an unreal feeling after flipping, cleaning or pushing heavy weight in a strongman session! But remember, there are no set rules on what strongman training should look like. Have fun experimenting with different objects, and be as creative as you want to be! The above exercises show us that modified strongman training uses functional and primal strength movement patterns which can be used in everyday life. Think about carrying heavy shopping bags, chopping up wood for the fire, bending down and lifting a heavy suitcase into the boot of your car. Not only this, but you use ‘real’ and varied objects during the sessions – some of them may be awkwardly shaped objects– but I can guarantee they will challenge your body in ways you have never experienced before. Odd objects provide new stimulus, and as a result, strongman training incorporating their use helps us grow stronger. Things never get boring during a strongman session!

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