Some call me part mad scientist, some part environmentalist. But I just see myself as a thinker, tinkerer, a surfer and a ginger.

Having skin that burns faster than a prawn on a hotplate, you would think it would make me want to stay inside. Nope, I loves the outdoors too much, so for years I’ve brewed together my own home-grown sun protection, mixing goodies like beeswax, cacao, coconut oil and zinc. I’ll tell you what, If this stuff can keep me from looking like a smoked sausage, then it will keep pretty much anyone smiling. I’m still tinkering in my shed everyday too, because there’s other Friendly Skincare stuff to be mixed. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m just making sure it’s all kosher, halal and tip top, before letting all you guys give it a whirl. Below is a little 101 on my Friendly Suncare Stuff

LOVE THE SUN, BUT NOT THE SIZZLED SCHNOZ? Stuff by Fred is Australian made Friendly Suncare that stops you looking like a baked lobster after a day under the rays. WHAT EXACTLY IS FRIENDLY SUNCARE? Glad you asked… It’s knowing you’ve put something good on your skin. Stuff By Fred is made using only the friendliest ingredients available, offering a safe alternative to most creams on supermarket shelves. WHAT’S IN THIS STUFF? My Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff is made with the best ingredients available. Brewed together using Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Cocoa Butter. My goal was, and will always be to use ingredients you can spell, pronounce and even taste. SO YOU’VE GOT ME COVERED FRED? With a TGA approved and certified rating of SPF20, my Friendly Bronze Zinc Stuff has got you protected from 95% of UVA &UVB rays in a healthy, friendly way. Having skin that burns faster than a prawn on a hotplate, you would think it make me want to stay inside. Nope, I love the outdoors as much as you, so for years I’ve brewed my own own home-grown sun protection to make the sun my mate. STUFF BY FRED


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